Every Mom Fitness

Monday through Friday 10-11am

EveryMom Fitness is truly for every mom! Every new mom, every experienced mom. Every mom who wants to take care of herself, without sacrificing the care of her child. Whether you’re a marathon-running mom, or a haven’t-worked-out-in-years mom, EveryMom Fitness will adjust to your level to create the perfect workout for you! 



For You

EveryMom Fitness is an hour-long bootcamp-style class held in a safe, indoor facility all year round. Your kids are welcome to be in a stroller, on a blanket nearby, or running down the field; always under your watchful eye.

We understand mom-life, so there’s no judgment here for 2-year-old temper tantrums or breast-feeding breaks! Bring a tablet, toys or whatever will keep your child happy—you might even find they want to work out TOO!


When & Where

We meet Monday through Friday from 10-11am at The Fieldhouse, located at 14810 Murdock Street, Chantilly, VA 20151. The Fieldhouse also offers additional bootcamp classes, strength-training, and adult sports leagues. With a childcare room and café area where you and your kiddos can refuel after your workout, The Fieldhouse has something for the whole family!

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Monthly Membership

$50 /month

Unlimited access for one month.

Recurring membership.

Ten Class Pass


That's $10/class. Nothing more.

Valid For Twelve Months

Five Class Pass


That's $11/class. Nothing More.

Valid For Six Months

Drop-In One Day Pass


if you come with a member. $10 if not.

Come on in and pay at the front desk!

EveryMom Fitness Anywhere

$12 /month

Access to a large collection of online workouts.

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