Miss April 2018: Sue Pucino


Congratulations Sue!

Sue rarely misses a class and always arrives with a smile. Usually clad in a motivational tee, two sweet boys in tow, and lots of encouragement to cheer on her fellow moms, Sue truly is Every Mom. "Being a stay at home mom was a life-changing experience and finding time to keep myself healthy was a struggle. I was very skeptical at first to start classes with EveryMom Fitness. All my worries and concerns went out the window at the first class. The moms were all very welcoming and encouraging and the workout was amazing. My 2.5 year old has gained valuable social skills and is learning how to grow up healthy. I can't thank EveryMom Fitness enough for creating a fun, safe and healthy environment for myself and my children!" Thank YOU Sue, you're an inspiration to us all!