Miss November 2017: Laura Reynolds

Congratulations Laura!

Congratulations to our Mom of the Month, Laura! She's always got a joke or a smart remark to make us laugh, but that doesn't mean she doesn't bring it every class, pushing herself as hard as she can. And bonus, she brings sweet little Kate along with her to dance for us! Learn more about Miss November: "I had back surgery in 2011 and that completely threw me off. It took me 18 months to recover to the point where I felt normal again. I signed up to do the bike portion of a triathlon with my sisters, and I basically almost died. That was a huge wake up call that I needed to get back into shape. I joined up with EveryMom Fitness, and it changed my life for the better! If I make it three times a week I have very little back pain. I feel great after every workout. And it’s so great to work out in front of my kids and instill the importance of fitness in their lives. I love the variety of the workouts, and I love the people."