Miss January 2018: Megan Bartlett

Congratulations Megan!

Introducing Miss January, Megan Bartlett! Megan's commitment to staying fit is not only good for her--we ALL benefit from her enthusiasm and wit. "I spent my 30s birthing and nursing babies so when my youngest started preschool, I finally made fitness a priority. After a year of home workouts, going to the gym, and some gentle encouragement from Erica, I began coming to EveryMom Fitness. GAME CHANGER! I have loved the workouts, the encouragement I get from friends that I pestered to join, and meeting an incredible group of women that really support each other. And while I use humor and a few choice words to get through the workouts, I appreciate the time I get to spend with this group weekly. I also like how this has translated to my kids...school is out and my kids want to come workout!" Congratulations Megan!