What is EMF Anywhere?


Let's get moving!

With EveryMom Fitness Anywhere you will find Erica's custom-designed workouts with a live warm-up and movement demo (featuring some of your favorite mini-instructors), a one hour exercise plan and a live cool-down. Pick and choose your workout by muscle group, or watch the latest post for a cardio and strength-filled hour. All you need is some space to move around and hand weights for strength moves. Bonus: you'll be joining a community of moms just like you--taking the time to take care of YOU at a time of life when you are taking care of so many. You can do this! Every mom can do this! 

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expert Workout Guidance

In our Warm Up videos, Erica Hall will not only get you ready for the workout ahead, she will demonstrate the exercises in the workout guide along with modifications that allow you to strengthen yourself and reach your fitness goals. 

challenge yourself

Our workouts include varying levels of difficulty and are entirely self-paced. You get to determine how long it should take you to complete a workout guide, and you get to choose whether or not you stick to the basics or go for the bonus challenges.


Joining is easy!

Click SIGN UP NOW to create your own account and you’ll have access to 50+ custom workouts for just $12/month.
Once you’re signed up, your membership will automatically renew on the first of the month.
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Every workout we post will not only include instructional videos and the workout guide but will also include a discussion section where members can comment on the workout and stay accountable with each other regarding the exercise routines. To keep both members and moderators safe, we also have policies below to keep your investment safe and to ensure a healthy environment for all who participate.